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“From The Soundtrack Of Life, The Dream-State Project is a transcription of the music I hear playing at the back of my head as life offers me different emotional experiences. Aiming to celebrate the human condition; the piece is an unrefined exposing of a singular world view, for entertainment purposes.

Writing and producing the music independently, it’s been a prerogative to see out my visions in the most raw form possible. This has equated to movie-like music videos, lyrics that were conceptualised as theatre scripts and surreal illustrations of visuals that inspired the music.”

In addition to appearing twice on New Music Friday playlists and To Be Lonely reaching over 85,000 streams, Kalmly has also been selected as one of the top 24 independent artists in the nationwide talent-hunt, Nexa Music, in association with grammy award winning artist A.R. Rahman. Kalmly has been featured on the front page of RollingStone India and has been covered exclusively on their website.